Benefits of a Water Filter

Calomax offers a water filter as an optional accessory to help prolong the life of your boiler. However, filters are much more effective in certain areas of the country than others. Use the information and post code search below to discover how necessary a water filter is in your area, or view our range of water filters here.

Why would I use a water filter?

Water filters are becoming increasingly popular for catering and domestic use. Here are some advantages of including a water filter in the installation of your Calomax boiler:

  • Limescale Prevent lime scale build up – Filters reduce the amount of lime scale building up in any appliance that uses hot water. As lime scale builds up, the appliance becomes less efficient and can eventually fail. However, this is only of particular concern in hard water areas. Because of this, Calomax already includes scale reducing technology in all of our boilers, but we advise that our customers consider fitting a filter in areas that have hard water. Please use the post code search or the map below to find out how hard the water is in your local area.

  • Tap WaterImproved taste and smell – For many people, the smell and taste of the tap water in their local area can be unpleasant and off-putting. By using a cartridge filter, many of the impurities that cause these issues are removed. (If you are experiencing an unpleasant taste with a water boiler, first ensure you have not installed it with a washing machine hose instead of a WRAS approved hose. This is a common cause of taste issues).

  • Tea Remove the oily layer from the top of hot drinks – In hard water areas it is sometimes reported that a film of oil or 'scum' can be seen on top of hot drinks – especially tea. This is caused by a combination of organic compounds found within tea and calcium carbonate found in hard water, which float on top of the water. Using a filter with a Calomax boiler will reduce the amount of calcium carbonate present in your drink, providing you with a ‘cleaner’ cup of tea!

Hard Water Map of the UK and Ireland

Hard Water map



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