Benefits of a Water Filter

Calomax offers a water filter as an optional accessory to help protect the boiler from water-borne particles and to improve the taste and odour in areas of high chlorination.

Why would I use a water filter?

Water filters are becoming increasingly popular for catering and domestic use. Here are some advantages of including a water filter in the installation of your Calomax boiler:

  • Limescale Improved taste and smell – For some people, the smell and taste of the tap water in their local area can be adversely affected by chlorine in the water supply.(If you are experiencing an unpleasant taste with a water boiler, first ensure it has not been installed with a washing machine hose (typically blue) instead of a WRAS approves hose. This is a common cause of taste issues).

  • Tap WaterProtect the boiler from water-borne particles – These can block the inlet solenoid valve or more commonly cause it to weep, resulting in the boiler overfilling and dripping from the overflow. This typically occurs overnight when the boiler is not in constant use. This is particularly prevalent in areas with a 'peaty' water supply, and in newly-built or renovated properties where the water supply pipes have been disturbed.

  • Tea Reduce the frequency of regular maintenance – Our unique integral scale inhibitor (built into every Calomax water boiler) is the first line of defence in reducing the formation of scale and / or making it easier to remove. Our scale inhibitor technology does not eliminate scale, but it does interfere with the structure of the limescale. Consequently, it can be removed manually, without the use of environmentally damaging acid-based descalant. However, we do recognise that in the 'real-world' where more and more pressure is put on maintenance engineers, regular preventative programmes cannot always be adhered to. In such circumstances, water filters incorporating scale reducing compounds such as phosphate beads, have been reported by some of our customers to have additional beneficial effect.

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