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Calomax have been manufacturing catering water boilers for over 75 years. All of our boilers and manufactured, assembled and tested here in the UK. Our boilers are built to last, and properly serviced and maintained should last over 5 years. See below what our customers have to say about us.


“I am very impressed with our Calomax water boiler. It is hardly ever switched off which means it has been running almost continually for over 8 years without fault – a great example of British engineering! When I had need to call their support team after we relocated the machine, the advice I received was extremely helpful. I have no reservations in recommending the use of a Calomax boiler.”


Mike Matthewson

Administrator, Applied Metal Technology




"We have quite recently become a distributor of the Calomax range of boilers and from the outset have received nothing but backing and support from the company. We have installed other products for many years and in comparison found the Calomax products to be of superior build quality, performance, reliability and ease of installation. I feel that trust in a product is paramount, particularly when involved in the rental market and knowing that with Calomax we are fitting a quality product that has the backup behind it is very important. 


Ian Hobson

Managing Director, Cascade Water Systems Ltd




"I have received nothing but good feedback regarding the training, My Team found it most useful. Many thanks for your time, You really have gone over and above expectation, I would be happy to recommend you to anyone."


David Brown

Estates Maintenance Operations Manager

NHS Solent Trust



"Our Water Policy states that all water appliances and plumbing materials need to be WRAS approved so that means for our Trust it is essential. I formerly worked at Leeds and both here and there the electrical team find the units easy to install and maintain. From my perspective the units seem reliable, cost competitive, good delivery times and there is a good range of options. We are very happy with Calomax. "


Ian Waghorn

Estates Manager - Building, Plumbing and Water Safety

Salford Royal Hospital