Eclipse model PB3C10

Designed for applications requiring additional safety features.


The Eclipse PB3C10 incorporates a key-controlled, push-button dispense system as well as an energy-saving feature. The dispense system allows for cups, mugs and small teapots to be filled safely at the push of a button.


Key Features:

  • Key operated, lock / unlock status
  • Push button dispense operation
  • Concealed tap for additional safety
  • UK designed and made
  • 10 litre rapid draw-off
  • Energy-saving "eco" button which reduces the volume of boiling water by 50% at "off peak" times of demand.
  • Clear, self-diagnostic display panel
  • Integral scale-inhibitor technology
  • Extended 2-year warranty
  • No steam emissions
  • 13A plug fitted
  • 3kW power rating
  • Cool-to-touch outer casing
  • Versatile complimentary spill tray included
  • Supplied complete with food grade hose
  • Counter-top securing clamps available as an optional extra


  Any water fitting or water-using appliance connected to the mains water supply must comply with the Water Fittings Regulations (or Byelaws in Scotland). This ensures the appliance does not waste or contaminate the drinking water supply. In order to demonstrate compliance, a number of companies exist (typically WRAS or Kiwa) who test appliances to ensure they conform with these regulations.


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Size Ref Casing Rating Capacity
(including initial draw-off)
(W x D x H)
List Price
10 Litre PB3C10 Stainless steel 3kW 30 litres per hour 240 x 355 x 570 £979


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